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Bowls Avenue is a New Zealand owned and operated company providing lawn bowls, accessories and related services.

Our mission is to provide products and services that will enable lawn bowlers of all skill levels to achieve their peak performance.

Our Goals are to use our passion and expertise to match and exceed our customers’ expectations and inspire long-term loyalty.

Contact Esther on 021 312888 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bowls Avenue sells Henselite, Drakes Pride and Taylor bowls. All bowls have a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Greenmaster Bowls Bias Chart

Drakes bias chart

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Testimonials from happy clients

Thought I would let you know that my XV One bowls have won their first Centre Title.

I managed to win the Open Singles here on Monday so was pretty happy. Had a few comments about my bowls and all good. The other two ladies who have bought these are also very happy with them.

Thought you might like to know!


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