• Relieve Pain Fast
  • No Side Effects
  • All Natural - Drug FREE
  • No interaction with other medication

Tried and tested with 14 years on the market, the original Cramp-Stop is the world leader in combating acute muscle cramp! Cramp-Stop is a well-proven formula for rapidly helping to restore normal muscle function in any situation. Cramp-Stop is designed for acute symptoms at any time - during the night, great for pregnancy and during all sports, yoga and pilates.

Don't let cramp stop YOU! Cramp-Stop is the world leader in restoring normal muscle function during a painful spasm. Avoid loosing valuable time by stopping cramp in its tracks. Cramp-Stop will help you achieve your goal. Used by sportsmen and athletes around the world.

Taking Cramp-Stop

At the onset of a spasm, spray one dose into the mouth. Repeat in 30 - 60 seconds if cramp is not relieved immediately. Repeat as often as needed. To help prevent cramp, spray one dose close to the time cramp may come on.

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Testimonials from happy clients

What a relief it was when my phone rang and Esther said "Welcome to bowls! It is a wonderful game, and I am happy to help you enjoy it."

It was such a relief to work with Esther after so much generously given but differing and confusing advice. After an excellent coaching session I have just taken delivery of my very own Dreamline XG Size 3!

Thank you Esther.

Robyn (Wellington)


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