Bowling Arm. Palm release model.

Arm Length


Bowling Arm.  Palm release model.

  • Long - shaft 20. 3” (515 mm),  overall 28” (715mm). Suitable for 6Ft+ (183cm +)
  • Medium - shaft 445mm,  overall 650 mm. Suitable for 5’ 6”- 5’ 11” (168cm – 180cm)
  • Short - shaft 17.5” (385mm),  overall 23” (590mm). Suitable for 5’ 6’’ and below (168cm and below)

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Testimonials from happy clients

What a relief it was when my phone rang and Esther said "Welcome to bowls! It is a wonderful game, and I am happy to help you enjoy it."

It was such a relief to work with Esther after so much generously given but differing and confusing advice. After an excellent coaching session I have just taken delivery of my very own Dreamline XG Size 3!

Thank you Esther.

Robyn (Wellington)


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