Drakes Pride Corsair



Designed specifically for New Zealand with earlier break point than our traditional models.

Based on the Professional model with a re-designed modified balanced arc sole shape to attain the flatter finish. Has an earlier break point and continues in quite a straight line before coming into the head on a long gradual arc that stays constant.

A model that combines the requirements of the competition player looking for an array of shots and especially the weighted shot that will hold its curve-line all the way into the head and succeed on a variety of NZ greens. 

The aiming point is roughly at the rink marker peg on the edge of rink and is designed for greens 16-18 seconds.

Size 1H-4H

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Testimonials from happy clients

Once again the service from you, is so fast and we thank you. Just going to have a roll up with them. He will be one happy man.

Cheers, Jo


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